The Photo Editing App that is Making Rounds: VSCO

The Photo Editing App that is Making Rounds: VSCO

The Photo Editing App that is Making Rounds: VSCO

VSCO is a mobile photography and editing app that has been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the creative community in the past few years. With over 200 million hashtags on Instagram alone, it is one of the most utilized photo editing apps of the generation.

VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company and consists of mainly teenage and young adult users. Read below to learn about some of its main features and why the app is so well loved.


In-app community

In terms of posting content, VSCO is very similar to Instagram in that it is a photo and video sharing platform. However, there is a big difference between the two: while Instagram focuses on the social aspect (sharing life events), VSCO focuses on a creative aspect. In VSCO, while all accounts are public, no one except the owner of the photo (or video) can see how many likes and reposts it has. This app focuses on sharing creativity without the social pressure that comes with other social media apps. It is a community for creatives, made by creatives.


Photo and video filters

The biggest reason why VSCO became so popular was because of their endless number of gorgeous filters to choose from. They are also organized in categories and by creators. For example, you can find a whole selection of black and white filters or ones with a yellow tone. You can also find filters created by different creators who publish their pre-sets for public use. It’s a great way to get inspired by others.


Editing features

Finally, VSCO has some of the best custom editing tools. These include the standard contrast, saturation, and cropping tools, but also some more advanced tools such as the split tone feature (allowing you to adjust the highlights and shadows), and the HSL tool (a fan favourite which allows you to adjust the lightness, saturation, and hue of certain colours separately).

While VSCO is a paid app, it is no surprise that is has gained such popularity within the creative community. Most would say that it is well worth the $20 per year, but you never know until you try.

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