Why you need to upgrade from iMovie for video editing

Why you need to upgrade from iMovie for video editing

Why you need to upgrade from iMovie for video editing

If you need to edit videos on your iPhone/laptop/or even iPad, you have probably tried out iMovie. We all know it. It’s simple, easily accessible, and more importantly, free! It is popular for a reason. However, have you also been thinking about wanting to make better videos compared to what iMovie offers? It will take more than a free app to make video content that keep up with the competition. In this blog, we will tell you why you should seriously consider switching to an app like LumaFusion to edit your videos.


More features

Compared to iMovie, LumaFusion has many more editing features and tools. Just with the increase in selection itself, your creativity can be taken to another level. You will be producing better content in no time. You will have dozens of transition options, presets, animations, titles, and music to choose from. Just to name a few.

Another feature that is very useful for those who want to edit even further is that you can export your work as a FCPXML.zip. This allows you to open the video in another, more professional, editing app like Final Cut Pro. This can be very useful for those who want to make a rough video on their phone or iPad, and then edit in more detail later. You can also upload files straight onto YouTube or Vimeo.


Easy user interface

Like iMovie, LumaFision has a very simple user interface. Most features work on a drag-and-drop system and can be added seamlessly. The layout of the app makes it perfect for beginners. Playing around with all the option will give you the best and fastest idea of what the app has to offer.


Worth every penny

While $30 may sound a lot for an app like this at first, you will quickly realise that it is worth every cent. Considering how many editing possibilities it offers, most users don’t complain about its price. Not to mention that it is available on such portable devices like phone and iPad. Perfect for creators on the go.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of creating videos a little more professionally, give LumaFusion a try. Chances are, you won’t regret it.

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